Living Room Renovation

We started our living room renovation last year!

Yes, It’s been that long!!! It’s been a long process, mainly because we have a life beyond renovating! It’s true! Like taking the kids out to experience some Kalgoorlie culture! Or writing about bread making! Or, sometimes, hiding from the children with a cup of coffee and a book! Mmmmm… Coffee…. And books…. But I digress!

Living room renovation

The steps we have taken so far towards our living room renovation:

  1. Lifting the ceilings up to their original, 4-metre-height!
  2. Taking out the small window that was in the living room and replacing it with a massive, 240cm-tall, double glazed window you can see in the picture above!
  3. Insulating the wall around the new window, and then gyprocking it. 

That’s where we stopped around February. Now that I have finally managed to clean the last bits of dust from the start of this year from all the corners and crevices of the house – I thought: “Lets do it again!”.

The things we still needed to do, were:

  1. Angle grinding off the old cornices from the other three walls of the room,
  2. Gyprocking the top part of the walls,
  3. Flushing all the walls with plaster!

All extremely fine-dust-causing tasks!

Living room renovation

So yes, every part of our house is currently covered in a nice, thick layer of dust, but when it’s all over, it will be SO WORTH IT!!

The best part of it is that we have a very exciting reason to keep going and finish up ASAP: we are going away on our caravan trip in November, and we finally decided that the house is getting finished off and rented out! I am glad we made that decision, because it means we have a deadline for the renovations to be complete, and I have a free pass to minimise what we own to the absolute bare minimum that will fit in the caravan! I’m beyond excited!!

Stay tuned for updates!!



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