About Me

Hello and welcome to The Sane Mum!

I’m a mum of three young kids: Mr8, Mr6 and Miss5. We are homeschooling and living in beautiful, red, country Western Australia!

I love long and sunny summer days, the beach, coffee, reading, and easy recipes! In my spare time I pull out either the sewing machine, or the hammer and power tools: it all depends on what mood strikes and on what needs doing around the place!

I find building things, upcycling things, and growing things very rewarding!

My latest interest is permaculture, on a very miniature scale! We’re striving to grow as much of our own fresh produce as possible, even though our house is on less than 400m2. Whilst the garden is getting transformed into a mini farm, the inside is slowly getting renovated and decluttered in order to become our little minimalistic sanctuary!

The Sane Mum blog is currently in it’s baby stages, so welcome on this adventure of mine, where I will share our lives, our projects and how within all the mayhem of life, renovations, and parenting, I manage to find balance and stay sane!

Please say hello in the comments sections throughout the blog! If you have any questions, post topic suggestions, or would like to contact me for any other reason, feel free to email me on: thesanemum@gmail.com or fill out the handy form below.

Enjoy! ❤️


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