Beautiful Goldfields: Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017

Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017: Image Gallery

Today, the kids and I took a wonderful walk through our beautiful Kalgoorlie CBD, where artists from the Goldfields region and beyond got together to paint some amazing murals!

We absolutely loved talking to all the artists and getting to know them, but we especially enjoyed learning the stories behind the paintings!

Click here (coming soon!) to see paintings by Aboriginal artists Kgukgi Catherine Noble Howard and Tjubriin Valma Schults, and to read the stories behind their paintings.

Also, if you’re interested in what some of the symbols in Aboriginal artwork mean – as explained to me by the artist Jason Dimer himself – click here (coming soon!). Jason is painting the amazing mural pictured below, together with his family! I believe there is talk that his mural could be the longest in Australia! Can’t wait to hear the confirmation whether or not it’s true!

Jason Dimer Mural Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017

Below is a gallery of the artists working on their murals! I will definitely be taking another walk down the Kalgoorlie Heartwalk trail in the near future to take photos of the finished artwork!

For more information and for a map of the Kalgoorlie Heartwalk trail, visit the HeartwalkCBD website! Also, check out the below video for a fun way to see the artwork in under a minute!



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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Goldfields: Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017

  1. Elise Cohen Ho

    This artwork is lovely. I think that is great that the kids spoke with the artists. This can really expand their mind as to what is possible in this world.

    1. The Sane Mum Post author

      Thanks Elise! I agree, I was so glad to see that they wanted to interact and ask questions 😊 The artists were all fantastic and very patient, too!


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