What we’ve been up to: gardening, homeschooling, science, and baking!

Another beautiful day here in the Goldfields! A sunny day of 26’C! We’ve had a few of these recently, which has been fantastic and perfect for germinating some seeds for our veggie patch (and for science!).

Sprouting seeds

It is now autumn, so at the start of last week, we planted some appropriate seeds to germinate. Mainly because we love our veggie patch, but also because… science! I involved the kids in the planting: we went through the planting guides at the back of each seed packet and chose the ones that should now be planted in our region. Today I noticed that the cauliflowers have sprouted, so I am really looking forward to doing the science lesson with the kids about it, as well as to eating the delicious, homegrown produce further down the track!

Cauliflower Seeds Sprouting Science

Homeschooling and our extra curricular activities

Other than that, we’ve had a pretty full on week: the school term started almost a fortnight ago and the soccer season has truly begun! Both the boys have separate training days, then there are the weekend soccer games – the first ones will be on this weekend! I love to truly embrace their extra curricular activities, because on regular day-to-day basis we homeschool!

If homeschooling is of interest to you, click here for my homeschooling tips!

Homemade bread

Another thing I’ve truly embraced recently is baking my own bread! I have now also made bread rolls and they were absolutely delicious! As I am sitting here writing this post, the dough is currently proving for me to make another 8 bread rolls and two loaves of bread! Read more about my homemade bread and find the recipe I have been using here. It only has four ingredients and has produced beautiful breads and bread rolls! The kids and I both absolutely LOVE the breads I’ve been making and the house has never smelt as good!

What have you been up to recently? What extra curricular activities do your children love most? I’d love to hear from you and get to know you!




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