Our dream: Going around Australia in a Caravan!

Our dream

I can’t believe I still haven’t written about it, but ever since my husband and I got together we have been talking about doing the big lap. We dreamed about buying a caravan and spending a year going around Australia. In fact, while looking through my computer recently, I found folders from 2009 with caravan brochures, prices and information.

Australia in a caravan

The Plan!

We’ve been talking about this dream for years! As time went on, we realised that the dream isn’t going to fulfil itself unless we work towards it!

Yes, we have taken amazing trips here and there in our tent. We have seen a lot of the beautiful South-West of Western Australia! This area was within our reach. However, in order to see the rest of our amazing country, we needed to plan and prepare.

This is why in 2013 we made our “five-year-plan”, and we made sure we told everyone who would listen about it! By 2018, we would have sold up and ended up on the road! It was happening!! But as a wonderful friend of mine always says: “A good plan is an evolving plan!”.

The plan 2.0

Originally, the plan was to get rid of absolutely everything we own, sell up, buy a caravan (or at one stage we considered an old bus… really!) and go!

We were going to get jobs along the way to support ourselves and enjoy the lifestyle. That was our dream almost 10 years ago. Since then, a few things have changed. For example: we now have three children. Also: we don’t have a ton of savings behind us!

While our “five-year-plan” was created with children in mind, since we already had them, the idea of waiting any longer to save up is not something we are keen on! The kids are growing up way too fast for us to keep putting this off!

Here’s how we are now choosing to live this dream as responsibly as we can, and on a budget:

  1. We purchased a vintage caravan (rather than a new one with all the bells and whistles),
  2. We plan to rent our house out (rather than sell, or worse – leave it standing empty!),
  3. We are utilising hubby’s long service leave and annual leave (rather than quitting the secure job he’s in!).

I hope you will follow our journey and get inspired by what we’re about to embark on! I hope you find value in what we’re going to share along the way!

We’re finally going around Australia in a caravan! I truly can’t wait!!



Have you travelled in a caravan with young kids? Do you have any tips? Are you planning on doing the big lap? Get in touch if you have any tips and suggestions, or questions! I’d love to hear from you!


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5 thoughts on “Our dream: Going around Australia in a Caravan!

  1. Happy Go Travel

    We would love to do a lap of Australia but we will have to settle for bits here and there for now while the kids are at school. Looking forward to reading how you go.

    1. The Sane Mum Post author

      Our dream was always 12 months, but we too have had to evolve our plan to make it work for our family! Enjoy your trips, it doesn’t matter how it happens, even with a short trip here and there you will be creating amazing memories that will stay with your kids for a lifetime! 😊❤️

  2. inthegoodbooksblog ( Michelle)

    Sounds great. Safe travels. My husband and I have always said the same thing; that we’d love to travel around Australia, but I imagine it won’t be for quite a few years yet, if ever!


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