Kids can sense our energy: why I should always mean what I say! {The Sane Mum}

Kids can sense our energy - The Sane Mum
Today I learnt that I should always mean what I say

We’ve all heard about it: the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking. That speaking and thinking with conviction will result in, well, results! As an adult you soon learn that in order to rely a message and to find supporters, you need to present your idea with conviction. That your energy can be contagious. There is no better way to have people believe in you, than them seeing your excitement about something and them seeing *you* believe in you!

The same principle works when communicating with children

Today I found out that my youngest (Miss5) lost a key to a very special, handmade, wooden chest. It is a mini replica of Skrzynia Krakowska, which my cousin sent for her from Poland. Let’s just say I have never been as serious about her doing as she’s told as I was today!

Parenting and meaning what I say to the kids: Pic of Skrzynia Krakowska

Miss5 is the youngest, and frankly, gets away with a lot! There have been many times that her brothers have helped her clean her part of the bedroom. Many times she fully whinged, cried and hid her way out of it.

The boys know that when I ask them to clean up, I mean business. They are older, so I guess I’ve always had a slightly higher expectation of them doing as they’re told.

Miss5… not so much!

Well, today I was not taking ‘no’ for an answer: she was not getting away with it! I couldn’t figure out how long ago she lost the key, so the fact it could have been vacuumed up and long gone was a real possibility! I was not happy – and she was quite upset that she lost it, too.

Kids can sense our energy

The lesson I learnt from this experience, is that I’ve underestimated how well kids seem to sense our energy! Miss5 probably never cared much to do the bedroom cleaning when she was told, because even though I asked her to do it, I didn’t really mean it. Does that make sense? I didn’t wholeheartedly believe or expect she would actually do it. There was no conviction in my tone or manner.

Deep down I would allow for her to wriggle her way out of this particular chore, because she shares a room with Mr8 and Mr7 and I knew they would do the job for her.

Thinking about it now, I can see how unfair that was on her brothers, as well as on her!

Today I told her she was cleaning her room until she finds that key. Obviously, I meant what I said! And… wow! The key’s been found and she’s now filling a bag with toys to donate and is throwing a whole heap of rubbish out!! Wow! The power of meaning what you say!

Parenting: meaning what I say. Pic of 'Skrzynia Krakowska'

Afterthought: Our energy, be it positive or negative, is contagious! Especially as a parent, I need to take more responsibility for my moods, attitude and level of conviction with which I speak to the kids. I might have to mean what I say more often! But I might also have to be more considerate, patient and loving!

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