Self care matters! Plus a little update on where we’re at!

Today we’re taking a small break for self care

I’d like to say everything is going fantastic, things are disappearing out of the house and it’s all perfect!

Well, all these statements are true, we have done extremely well! Things really are disappearing out of our house: we’ve sold the kids beds and our bed, as well as lots of other things!

The kids have successfully looked through their toys and managed to part, all by themselves, with so many of them! However, today I feel a bit overwhelmed. Probably because of how well we’ve done so far! I feel like the momentum has slowed down, I have a sore throat and feel a bit under the weather. I feel I should keep going with the decluttering, but I know a bit of self love and care can go a long way in keeping with the progress!

Self care

So we are taking a day off the hard physical, mental and emotional work of decluttering and we are going out to a friend’s place, where the husband and the kids will most likely play computer games all day, and I will hopefully write a few of the blog posts I have had on my mind for a few weeks now – about the journey we have taken so far in the preparations towards our trip around Australia, as well as about the meaning behind aboriginal art pieces, which I learnt from an aboriginal artist Jason Dimer himself a couple of weeks ago!

Stay tuned!




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