Minimalism and laundry routine: Regain control and sanity

Laundry and Minimalism

Minimising our house has been one of the best things we have done, for so many reasons! One of the biggest ones is my laundry habits! Who knew that all I needed to regain a whole lot of sanity was a bit of minimalism and a solid laundry routine!

How minimalism changed my laundry habits

Laundry had been my nemesis for years! You know those memes “Did you know there are people who wash, dry, fold and put away their laundry all in one day? Yeah, I’m confused, too!”? That used to be me!! The confused one, I mean!

Laundry Minimalism

We used to live out of laundry piles, because the sheer amount of it to be folded and put away was depressing, and with homeschooling and everything else going on, it was just not a priority. I used to be behind by about 3-4 loads all the time! Today, I can see that – subconsciously – the permanent Mt. Laundrymore was weighing me down. Big time!

With a bit of prep and a good routine, I am now totally on top of our laundry situation! Here’s how you can conquer your laundry routine, too!

Minimise the amount of clothes your family has!

This has taken me about three rounds of looking through our wardrobes, but finally I feel I have found the magic number of clothing that works for the kids! We are down to a dresser drawer per child and I promise: they lack for nothing!

Create a routine!

It might take tweaking a couple of times over 2-3 weeks until you find something that works for you! Ultimately, you know your schedule and you will find what suits your family.

If you are someone who enjoys following a strict system and knowing what you’ll be washing each day, you could try a weekly washing schedule, e.g.:
Monday – Colours,
Tuesday – Darks,
Wednesday – Whites,
Thursday – Towels, tea towels, cloths, etc,
Friday – Bed linens,
Saturday – Uniforms,
Sunday – Catch up or rest day!

Here are a couple of free printable laundry routines I created for you, that you can print and fill in!

Laundry Routine Printables

Free Download:

Pink Laundry Schedule Printable
Colourful Laundry Schedule Printable
Basic Laundry Schedule Printable
Green Laundry Schedule Printable

And here is my routine, which allows me to wash, dry, fold and put away our laundry all in one day, as well as my tips to go with it!!

Take care!!



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