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Vegetarian Meal Planning

If you love minimalism as much as I do, you will appreciate anything that saves you time in the long run and gives you more quality time to spend with your family. One of those time-saving things is meal planning! It might take a little bit of your time initially, but once you’re in the rhythm and do it regularly, you will be reaping the rewards of meal planning in no time! Since I’m no expert in vegetarian meal planning, today on the blog, I invited Magda from The Togetherish, to share why and how she plans her weekly meals for her vegetarian family!

Vegetarian Meal Planning

I have been vegetarian for about 10 years now, and my husband is a lifelong vego (he has never eaten a bit of meat) so vegetarianism comes quite naturally to us these days. It is well and truly our norm. I tend to meal plan as a way to keep on budget and get organised for the week ahead. With two toddlers in the household, things can get pretty chaotic, so I like to keep meal times pretty simple. My general rule of thumb is that it needs to be prepared in 30ish minutes, only have a handful of ingredients and can be prepared one handed with a baby on the hip.

I often get asked by those who are unfamiliar with the vegetarian diet, about where we get our protein and iron. It is not something that I plan consciously but we have never had a problem with deficiency, aside from me in the first few months after giving birth. We tend to eat lots of legumes, beans, nuts and green leafy veggies. We also eat quinoa with dinner as a weekly staple and most days we sneak nuts into our breakfasts and smoothies.

I try to keep meal planning quite simple. We like good quality foods and quick meals to prepare. Usually, I plan out the dinners for the week ahead and then create a loose guide for breakfast and lunch. I look at the week ahead to see what we have on, what time we will be home, and what we should eat. Then, I break things down based on the main ingredient or style of the meal I have in mind, for example: lentils, eggs, soup, mexican, pasta, roast vege, pizzas, etc, and I do my shopping accordingly. I then tend to decide on the actual meal on the day, depending on what I feel like. So if it is an ‘eggs day’, we might have quiche, or egg burgers or omelettes.

Vegetarian Meal Planning

Sometimes I find that I have to plan a separate meal for the kids. I only do this if I know we are going to be home late and I will have to rush to get them bathed, fed and into bed. This is often the case on daycare days. Our go-to kids’ dinners are ‘funny faces’, which is just a plate of vegies arranged in a face, or noodles with broccoli. They love both options and they are quick to prepare.

Vegetarian Meal Planning

My husband and I both come home from work to eat lunch, so I ensure I make large quantities at dinner time in order to have enough leftovers to cover lunch. The kids are currently enjoying having a snack plate on the go all day, which I like to stock with fruit and vegetables, crackers and baked goods. I try to bake on the weekends if I get the chance so that we have lots of snack options.

Breakfasts seem to consistently be smoothies, weet bix,  homemade granola or toast with peanut butter most week days. I like to have granola on hand for either breakfast or a snack, as I find it is a good way to get lots of good nuts and seeds into us all, to make sure everyone gets a good hit of healthy fats and nutrients.Vegetarian Meal PlanI look forward to sharing an example of a weekly meal plan and some recipes soon!

Magda is a mumma to the most vivacious little girl and mischievous little boy, her weekdays involve many bubachino bribes in coffee shops for a moment of adult conversation, pushing 30kg-ish of toddler around the streets of Brisbane, dreaming up home decor DIY’s, pinching lengths of devils ivy from neighbourhood gardens and juggling chasing her dreams of living a creative life with the reality of folding endless laundry. And just trying to keep it ‘togetherish’. Find her blogging over at The Togetherish, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Stay tuned for Magda’s Full Week’s Vegetarian Meal Plan and some of her recipes! To not miss out, follow The Sane Mum on Facebook for the latest blog updates!

Why I treasure every picture drawn by my kids

Have you ever considered, that kids don’t have anything of theirs they can give? They can’t go to shops and buy you flowers or a gift. They can’t take you out for a treat. Often, the only thing that is truly theirs to give away is a picture drawn by them! Kids’ artwork is truly precious in that way!

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Dog training: When you’re one of THOSE people!!!

We have two beautiful German Shepherd Dogs! They are amazing family pets and we love them to bits! Sparky is nine and a half years old, Nala is almost three.

Since we had Sparky before we had kids, we spent a lot of time with him, socialising him and taking him out of the house. Because Nala joined our family when the kids were 5, 4 and 2, we had a little less time for her, so we felt she would benefit from some dog training to socialise her before our caravan trip!

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Minimalism and laundry routine: Regain control and sanity

Minimising our house has been one of the best things we have done, for so many reasons! One of the biggest ones is my laundry habits! Who knew that all I needed was a bit of minimalism and a solid laundry routine!

How minimalism changed my laundry habits

Laundry had been my nemesis for years! You know those memes “Did you know there are people who wash, dry, fold and put away their laundry all in one day? Yeah, I’m confused, too!”? That used to be me!! The confused one, I mean!

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Kids can sense our energy: why I should always mean what I say! {The Sane Mum}

Today I learnt that I should always mean what I say

We’ve all heard about it: the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking. That speaking and thinking with conviction will result in, well, results! As an adult you soon learn that in order to rely a message and to find supporters, you need to present your idea with conviction. That your energy can be contagious. There is no better way to have people believe in you, than them seeing your excitement about something and them seeing *you* believe in you!

The same principle works when communicating with children

Today I found out that my youngest (Miss5) lost a key to a very special, handmade, wooden chest. It is a mini replica of Skrzynia Krakowska, which my cousin sent for her from Poland. Let’s just say I have never been as serious about her doing as she’s told as I was today!

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Beautiful Goldfields: Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017

Kalgoorlie Heartwalk 2017: Image Gallery

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Parenting, housekeeping and perfectionism

Redefining Perfection in Everyday Life and Parenting

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Anyone who knows us, knows how enthusiastic we are when it comes to home improvement! We love renovations! So much so, that we have about a thousand ongoing, unfinished projects going on around the house! From gardening, through landscaping, to having ripped our ceilings down. Yes, you read that right – we are in a 1930’s cottage and have decided to bring it back to its former glory, by raising the ceilings back up to their original height!

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