Decluttering your emails – a guide to a minimalist inbox!

Decluttering your emails - minimalist inbox

Today I want to talk to you about decluttering your emails to achieve a minimalist inbox you enjoy checking! Our inboxes get filled with offers and newsletters, half of which we don’t even remember signing up to and we never even open!

Minimalist inbox, i.e.: decluttering your emails

Did you know that clutter weighs down on us quietly, causing us to feel overwhelm, hence creating stress and anxiety in our lives? But clutter isn’t only physical objects in our homes that we need to look after and spend time on.

Clutter can also be things that take up our mental space. It can be the things at the back of our mind which we have to remember to book and organise, or plans that we have made, or things that we know we need to get to.

It can also be all the apps and notifications on our phones and laptops that beep, light up and grab our attention when we could be giving our mental space to our children or other important things in our lives!

Minimalist inbox - decluttering your emails

These are the steps I take regularly to declutter my inbox!

As with any area of your home, the first time you tackle it, it will be time consuming, but I promise you – it will be worth it!

  1. Open your emails. Find the first email from a company you know you never open/read or that you know doesn’t lift you/give you joy. Open the email and click “unsubscribe” down the bottom.
  2. After you’ve unsubscribed, go into the search box in your emails. Type in the email address which the email was from. Click search.
  3. At this point you may have just a couple, or hundreds of emails from the company pop up. Go down selecting them and delete them.
  4. Go back to your inbox and find a second brand/company/newsletter. Keep following these steps until all that is left in your inbox are emails you need to keep and want to receive on regular basis.
  5. Clear your “deleted items”.

Over the next couple of weeks, every time you receive a promotional email or a newsletter you don’t want to keep receiving, click “unsubscribe” immediately and delete the email!

It’s that simple!

You will love waking up in the morning and knowing that all that’s waiting for you in your inbox are things you have intentionally chosen to receive, things that lift you and serve a purpose in your life!

Let me know how you go, I love hearing your feedback!
How many of the emails you searched for while decluttering your inbox were still sitting there marked as “unread”?
I know that every time I do this inbox declutter, there are many!

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