Sunday Session #4 – FREE CHALLENGE!

Sunday Session with The Sane Mum
Happy New Year!

This is the first Sunday Session of 2019 and all I can say is that I am extremely excited for the year ahead! For myself, and for you! Yes, YOU! Read on to see why! 


It’s important to reflect on the past year: the good, the bad, the in between. The achievements, the failures (lessons!) and the things you may not have even tried, because you were stopped by fear!

Take stock of the past year. Feel it, accept it, turn down the leaf on it… start fresh! While I am not a fan of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, I am a fan of fresh starts. Reset, create goals and come at it again.

It doesn’t have to be the first of January for that to be done. It could be as simple as a new day. Or a new hour. Having an impossible morning? Make a cuppa, take stock of what’s going on, reset and start again, for a better afternoon!

A lot of the time being a mum can feel like chasing your own tail. Sometimes resetting in the middle of the day will not end up in a more productive day. What we need to accept as mums is that it doesn’t have to! Sometimes you just need to make that cuppa, take stock of what’s going on, accept it, and cuddle up with the kids watching movies for the rest of the afternoon. And that’s okay! That is what this journey of motherhood is about.

What I want to tell you though, is that when you have a minimised and simplified home and basic routines in place, you can afford to have days where not much happens. You can afford to take care of yourself and sign off for the day, because the house will still remain in order (enough) and by the time you finish the following morning’s Morning Routine, it will all be back to normal.

But how do I get there, you ask?

Well, let me get to the chase: to the reason for my extreme excitement while writing this post! I have a gift for you – a gift I want to give you for this New Year! A gift of a FREE CHALLENGE to minimise and simplify your home!

So if you would like to:
>> Minimise and cleanse the main impact areas of your home and create more time in your life for things that truly matter;

>> Create your home into a space which you love spending time in;

>> Feel happy and relaxed walking in through your front door;

>> Not panic when the doorbell rings unexpectedly;

>> Love your motherhood and enjoy your kids’ childhood instead of feeling like you’re always cleaning up after them,

Then >>SIGN UP HERE<< to be part of this FREE CHALLENGE to minimise and simplify your home!
Or click on the below image to sign up:
I truly can’t wait to help you through simplifying the main impact areas of your home and what comes with it – creating more time for you to enjoy the things that matter!
Also, we have a free, closed Facebook support group for you to join, not only for this challenge, but for love and support in Simplifying your Motherhood throughout the year!



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