Minimalist living – are empty walls and white furnishings a requirement for minimalism?

Minimalist Home Dark Wood - The Sane Mum

I am a minimalist mum and I am a very strong advocate of minimalist living! I want you to join me on this journey, so that you can discover how life giving it is! And when I use the words life-giving, I truly mean that.

Minimising our possessions and simplifying our life in general has been life changing. I mention simplifying our life in general, because the journey to a minimalist life usually starts with your belongings, but then spills into other areas of your life such as your calendar and relationships (and not only with family and friends, devices, food, etc! But that’s for a whole other post!). I went from being an overwhelmed mum and wife, to living my life, having the time to play with the kids and spend quality time with my husband.

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So what is minimalism? Are empty walls and white furnishings a requirement for minimalism?

While I am such a strong advocate of minimalism (especially for mums!!), I want to clarify something for you: I’m not advocating the all-white-scandi-home type of minimalism. Though if you love that look, absolutely go for it!

I’m also not advocating the type of minimalist living where you must count all your possessions and guilt trip yourself into having less or beat yourself up for not being “minimalist enough”. That’s no fun, it takes the joy out of your life, which is the total opposite of what minimalism is supposed to do for you!

In fact, I don’t have empty walls and white furnishings. I have dark wood furniture throughout the house, frames on my walls and a display of my kids’ sport trophies in the living room. Yet I still call myself a minimalist mum. I am a minimalist mum. Here’s why:

White furnishings may be what all the stock images of minimalism show as “minimalist decor” but minimalism is about so much more than the colour of your furniture! In fact, minimalist living has nothing to do with the colour of your furniture! 

Minimalism is a lifestyle of living with less, to open up the doors for so. much. more. in your life! A lifestyle that fulfils you, brings simplicity into your life and helps you live a life you love! It is about having only what serves you and brings you joy. And my husband and I both love dark wood! 

So if you love antique furniture, that’s what you should surround yourself with. If you love pine, that is what you should surround yourself with. By the same token, I am not bashing those who love the white skandi look. If that’s what you love, again: that is what you should surround yourself with!

It’s your home, it’s your sanctuary.

Minimalism does not require a shopping trip to fulfil some sort of an ideal look, and empty walls and white furnishings are not a requirement for minimalism!

Would you like to join a tribe of mums who are changing their life to one of simplicity, life-giving minimalism and joy?


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