The Tooth Fairy!

The Tooth Fairy!

Last night we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy! That reminded me of the last time she came by our house, in July! It was hilarious! I mean magical, it was magical!

tooth fairy

That night my eldest wrote a note to her, and left it out with the tooth! The Tooth Fairy woke up around midnight (thank goodness!!), tripped in the dark on everything in her path to the wallet, realised she didn’t have a gold coin, improvised with silver ones… but she forgot about the note!

Earlier that night she did actually consider typing out a reply and making it all special, like all those amazing Pinterest tooth fairies do! Then, true to her not so Pinterest-worthy nature, she forgot all about it and fell asleep!

The next morning, my toothless first born ran in telling me there was a note from the Tooth Fairy!!! There was this bright eyed kid followed by his two little siblings (all squealing with excitement) running to my bed before my first coffee, while I sat in bed like: what the heck? REALLY?!?! Am I still dreaming? Tell me more!!!!

“There’s a note, but it’s so small I can’t open it and read it!”, he said. I thought he was seeing things, but there it was – a piece of straw about 4-5mm long that looked just like a tiny scroll!! I wish I could take the credit, that’s freaking genius!! Unfortunately it’s just the fact our house obviously has all sorts of crap flying through the air!?

Ah, magic! I’ll miss it so much when they grow up! ❤️


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