Decisions, decisions!

I have been thinking about sharing this blog on social media since writing the Christmas Tree post last week.

Funny, how such a simple step seems so scary!

Strive for PROGRESS

One late night last week, I was chatting to my mum about it, having a good laugh about the post I wrote, discussing the possible future of the blog. I was questioning whether I should delete the few earlier posts to make it a ‘perfect start’ from this year (and hide the fact that I started almost three years ago and have so little to show for it!). But that wouldn’t be very authentic of me, and my very wise mum made me realise that leaving it as is – real – will hopefully give hope to some of my readers, who also may have been procrastinating with something for years, just as I have been.

So here’s to dropping the idea of ‘perfection’ (be it in my Christmas Tree decor, or The Sane Mum’s early days’ content!), and to the beginning of a real, honest blog journey! ❤



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