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Healthy Eating: Homemade Bread

I am prioritising healthy eating for our family!

We have recently been quite busy, resulting in having a few too many convenience meals! We normally eat quite healthy, so I am on a mission to start us all eating well again! One of my first steps towards healthy eating: mastering homemade bread! It has been quite a journey, and I am nowhere near having mastered this task, but I have found a great recipe that worked for me, so I’d love to share it with you!

Homemade Bread

Here are two great reasons why it’s a good idea to bake your own bread:         Continue reading

Pierogi Ruskie Recipe

I promised a regular recipe for Pierogi Ruskie when I posted the gluten free recipe! It’s taken me way too long, but here it is! This is a recipe passed down from my Grandmother, translated from her old, Polish cookbook! Hope you enjoy it!!

Filling ingredients:
1kg potatos (peeled and halved/quartered)
40g onion (finely diced)
250g hard ricotta cheese
Butter Continue reading

The Sane Mum’s Beetroot Risotto

Let me tell you a truth about myself, which you’ll no doubt learn over our time together: I hate cooking! It’s true! I know what you’re wondering… then why am I posting recipes? Because I believe that due to my hatred of cooking, I have been super inventive in creating EASY recipes which we all love! Because while I hate cooking, I love a good meal!! Here’s a Beetroot Risotto I threw together the other day from things that were in my pantry, which took me 40 minutes total, and the kids absolutely loved it!!     Continue reading

Recipe: Pierogi Ruskie (Gluten Free)

One of my favourite Polish dishes are Pierogi Ruskie, which are basically spiced-potato filled dumplings that are just delicious! Here is my gluten free spin on the recipe! For those of you who don’t have to follow a gluten free diet, I will post a regular recipe in the next couple of days! 

Filling ingredients:

  • 1kg potatos (peeled and halved/quartered)
  • Two onions (finely diced)
  • 300g hard ricotta cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Butter

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