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Living Room Renovation

We started our living room renovation last year!

Yes, It’s been that long!!! It’s been a long process, mainly because we have a life beyond renovating! It’s true! Like taking the kids out to experience some Kalgoorlie culture! Or writing about bread making! Or, sometimes, hiding from the children with a cup of coffee and a book! Mmmmm… Coffee…. And books…. But I digress!

Living room renovation

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Dying Fabric – The Easy Way to Dye Fabric at Home

I love a good upcycling project, and our lounge is in a desperate need of reupholstering! In order to save money on expensive upholstery fabric, I picked up two large canvas drop sheets at my local hardware store. They were beige, but I had already imagined the sofa being lovely light grey… I had no choice, but to attempt dying fabric for the first time ever! Continue reading